Ashgrove State School Fete - 800 plus burgers

Andrew Walliker - Monday, May 09, 2016
Ashgrove State School Fete - 800 plus burgers

Low and slow BBQ in Brisbane has come a long way in a very short time. From us doing BBQ demos out the front of Meat at Billy’s feeding a bunch of 100 or so meat fans to the Ashgrove State School fete where we sold 800 burgers.

When Meat at Billy’s approached us to help with this charity gig we jumped at the opportunity. It’s never been about trying to get rich quick for us, it’s about creating a brand and creating awareness for small local businesses. It’s about supporting those in need and giving back.

Meat at Billy’s donated all of the meat for the day which ended up being 16 Beef Briskets and 24 Pork Collar Butts. This equated to roughly 150kg of meat plus slaw, rolls, sauces etc. Barbecue Mafia donated our trailer smoker for 2 days and all four of us helped on the day, smoking, slicing, cleaning and chatting!

The line at 11am was immense. The locals had heard that Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork burgers were on the menu and we were ready for the battle. The parents from the school were absolutely fantastic, toasting buns, constructing burgers and looking after transactions.

Over the course of 4 hours we completely sold out of 800 burgers which was mind boggling. At one point we had Ryan and Gareth walking the line feeding people samples, what a great line to be in!

The sense of community in the Ashgrove area is so strong and everyone seems to know each other, that’s a world I grew up in and it really warms the heart to see it alive and well in Brisbane.

Gone are the days of a Dagwood dog and chips at the school fete (there’s nothing wrong with a dog and chips!) but with the explosion of the food scene and TV shows like MasterChef and MKR people are food and value savvy and Barbecue Mafia Low and Slow are here to oblige.

If we can inspire even one child to want to cook with their parents then we are very happy campers. My two little lads both regularly come and watch, help and generally learn about low n slow BBQ. It’s in their veins and I hope I have in some way inspired them to love food!

We have had some fabulous feedback from the locals who attended the fete, its makes being there at 4am and leaving at 3pm very very worth it (thanks Chris).

Have an idea, event or function that you think might suit the Barbecue Mafia? Give us a call on 0432 115 976, fill out an enquiry on the website or email us!

Until next time,

Cheers, Drew

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