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Andrew Walliker - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Low and slow BBQ Brisbane - BBQ you say

When Aussies hear BBQ, they automatically think of a torched minute steak or incinerated sausage cooked by Dad in his stubbies and thongs. Am I right?

With the explosion of the scene, Low and Slow BBQ in Brisbane is the current buzz phrase of foodies Australia-wide. There have been plenty of cafes, restaurants and food trucks popping up across the country offering slow cooked this and smokey that. It’s all liquid smoke being added to slow cooker meat and that’s what the public know. People think a pulled pork burger should taste like mushy pork mixed with overly sweet BBQ sauce.

There have been several trailblazers flying the flag for the American or Texas style of BBQ in Australia and now Barbecue Mafia has arrived to join them.

Our barbecue is smoked for a minimum of 10 hours over ironbark and fruit wood, the meat is never directly exposed to heat, it’s an offset smoking process where ‘secondary cuts’ like beef brisket and pork shoulder are smoked slowly to break down collagen and fat to create perfect tenderness without becoming mush.

The motto of Barbecue Mafia is to provide value for money, to make meat the hero and give generous portions. Our brisket cheeseburger is three thick tender slices of smoked beef brisket, American cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles. It’s what the people want!

We also want to always challenge and excite people with our menu. Very rarely will we ever offer the same menu items for each event, as we want to showcase different cuts such as chicken thigh, lamb shoulder, beef cheeks and beef ribs. We only use top quality meat from Meat at Billy’s sourced locally and ethically. We import rubs and sauces from the USA as those guys have been at it for 100 years. They know the flavour profiles and they get it right.

We are so excited to be helping educate the public to the wonders of REAL smoked barbecue and watching people’s faces as they take that first bite and leave boiled and slow cooked meat behind forever. We regularly show folks around our Radar Hill Reverse Offset Smoker, from how to light it, to how to control the fire (bigger is not always better) and how the process works. We are very open with our business and encourage people to come and meet the team, learn a thing or two and start your own smoking journey.

Until next time.
Cheers, Drew.

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Stix commented on 27-Apr-2016 09:07 AM
Hi BBQ Mafia, Thanks for the interesting blog sharing your insights about Low and Slow BBQ. Are you planning an event where we can try the chicken that won the award? Cheers Stix
Megan Bennett commented on 27-Apr-2016 11:22 AM
Nice to see what the low and slow cooking actually does to cuts of meat.
Anonymous commented on 27-Apr-2016 12:23 PM
Great to see you are doing authentic meat smoking!
Anonymous commented on 27-Apr-2016 01:01 PM
When's ur next event boys??
Drew commented on 27-Apr-2016 01:44 PM
Hi Stix,
Yes we most certainly have an event in planning to showcase our award winning chicken, any ideas?
I was thinking maple smoked bacon could make an appearance!!
cheers Drew
Allan commented on 18-Mar-2017 02:14 PM
I've looked for your Mafia hats on EVERY site I can think of, and have found nothing for sales .

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