About the goods

 2 x Angus Brisket Patties

Double American Cheese

Grilled Onions 

Burger Sauce

Buttery Brioche Bun


Pickup from -

Smoked Meat Co

41 Chlemer St E

Chelmer Qld 4068

Word on the street

(5 outta 5 stars)

Take Me Back

My partner and I have been following Barbecue Mafia for years on Instagram. After moving to Brisbane earlier this year we decided that Saturday night called for a well deserved 'date night'. I went online and booked the BBQ Platter for Two, we gathered our picnic set and headed down to the AFL grounds. We arrived to the amazing smell of smoked meat in the air, white picket fences and good ole' fashioned friendly hospitality. We picked up our order and headed out onto the AFL field where we enjoyed a fantastic evening eating amazing-mouth-watering-tender-fall-apart food. If you haven't been, do yourself a favour and get down to the crew at BBQ Mafia!
15 September 2020

Best Cheeseburger in Brisbane

Seriously good burger, the ground beef superb, the buns are toasty and buttery and rest you'll need to sample yourself! Pretty big too could split between two people no worries... but you won't want to ;).
7 May 2020

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