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Founded in 2013, the Barbecue Mafia are four lads from Brisbane crazy about American style low 'n' slow barbecue. Originally a competition team competing all over Australia, the lads decided to take their passion to the next level and it’s been a crazy ride so far. If you haven’t tasted the Mafia-fare, you’re not living!

The Mafia smoke on their two custom built RADAR HILL SMOKERS ‘The Don’ a 24 inch reverse offset stick burner and their new addition ‘The Bone Collector’ a 30 inch double door reverse offset stick burner.’ 100% fueled by Iron-bark, Oak and cherry wood, the team are wowing Brisbane with their Authentic Pit Smoked barbecue. The 12 hour smoking process blows people away!


Co-Founder of the Barbecue Mafia, Drew had a vision to create a BBQ brand and was instrumental in setting up and managing the Mafia's Social Media Presence, Brand Development Manager and Team Sponsorship.

A great cook in his own right, Drew turned around the Mafia's competition chicken making it one of the team's strongest proteins.


Co-Founder of the Barbecue Mafia, Chris is one of the most Talented Pit masters in Australia. His own toughest critic, he's continually looking to improve techniques and was instrumental in the branding and rise of the Mafia around the world. Chris participated in the Pit master Q&A alongside the likes of Moe Cason and Hillbilly Wes at Meatstock Sydney showing how well he is respected. Chris was the brains behind the flavor profiles of the 'Mafia Trilogy' BBQ Rubs.


Gaz changed the face of the Mafia when he came on board. His Business mind and organisational skills as well as being an unbelievable cook took the team to another level. In less than 6 months, he was catering weddings and doing pop up events as the main Pit Master showing just how competitive he is! Gareth looks after and is Creative Director for the Mafia's Merchandise range, runs the website and online store as well as cracking in on the Lamb category in the competition team.


Ryan was the missing cog in the 'Mafia Machine'. An unbelievable Pit Master, Ryan came on board midway through 2016 with a thirst for competition and insane BBQ knowledge and techniques. Ryan is the Captain of the Mafia Competition team showing his skills with an unbelievable solo 4th Place finish overall at the 2017 Burleigh BBQ Festival. From Meat selection to flavor profiles, the boy has serious skills and cant wait to get to the US in 2018 to compete at the American Royal.