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Bring a bit of that classic American-style barbecue flavour home with this favourited white sauce. A friend of the deep south, Barbecue Mafia’s Alabama White Sauce is a lighter twist on a savoury classic who want to give their dishes a flavour boost without taking away from the traditional grilling taste.

Made by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, everything we touch has been inspired by the American-style low ‘n slow barbecue movement and infused with a classic Aussie twist. New to white sauces? Check out some of the key flavours that pack a punch with every bite and some of our favourite everyday uses.

Our Best White BBQ Sauce

A staple in every southern home, white sauce is a rich twist on your everyday mayo. Infused with spices, vinegar, and a bit of heat, the Alabama White Sauce brings a huge flavour boost to every bite without taking away from the humble grilled meat. Because of its versatility, we use this American classic on beef, pork, and poultry dishes alike, including:

  • Cold Chicken Sandwiches: prepping for the week? Nothing says simple and yum like the day-after roast chicken toasted sandwich. An easy lunchbox addition, change up your everyday mayo with this Alabama White Sauce to add a bit of sweet spice to your day.
  • Burgers: swap out your mayo for this white sauce on your next burger platter and you (and your guests) can thank us later.
  • Southern Slaw: Switch out that bland mayo and slap a bit of our white sauce on your slaw mix to take it to the next level of bbq accompaniments!

Boost Your Flavour with Alabama Sauce

A simple kitchen swap, you can pack extra flavour punch by changing up everyday condiments with this favourited Alabama White Sauce. Created by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, our growing range of dry rubs and sauces can help take your go-to meals to the next level with every single bite.

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