Mafia Bring home the brisket!

Date Posted:23 October 2018 

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Australian Beef is often touted as being the best in the world and we tried our absolute guts out to prove that theory correct at the recent American Royal World Series of Barbecue held in Kansas City, USA.

Competing in two events over two days, we managed to finish in the top ten in the highly coveted Brisket category on both occasions. And all using Aussie Beef!

The first competition of the weekend was “The Invitational”. This event included 170 Grand Championship winning teams from the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, NZ, Japan, Germany, France and Australia. The best of the best! Despite not competing since May we hit the ground running and ended up producing some of the best competition brisket we have ever assembled! We were absolutely over the moon to hear our names called for 5th place Brisket!!! Cue Celebrations!!!

Next, The Open Event, the Royal! The biggest Barbecue Competition in the world! 470 of the world’s best teams all setup in the Kansas City Speedway Infield ! Nursing some sore heads from some quiet drinks the night before, and never competing in a back-to-back format, the only thing we could do was get back to work to try and replicate the same quality as the day before. Battling the increasing humidity, Kegs running out of beer and severe chaffing, we managed to, in our minds, produce an even better competition cook than the previous day! We went to the Awards Ceremony hopeful but fully aware that this was the Royal and results don’t just happen...but hearing our name called for 7th place Brisket at the American Royal Open Competition in front of your friends, family and peers will be something that the four of us will never forget! What a buzz! Months of preparation and hard work paid off!! Cue Sleep and a well earned US holiday for us all!

Looking back on the achievements in Kansas City, the preparation we went through months beforehand, put us in a position to realistically aim for a result at the Royal. A long standing partnership, turned friendship with our Butcher, Billy Gibney (Meat at Billys) enabled us to team up with Australian Beef Exporter, Security Foods, where we were fortunate enough to compete with 100% certified MB9+ Australian Briskets. These were handpicked, by us,  from the abattoir, allowing the results in KC to speak for themselves.  This was topped off with the use of our own Rubs and Sauces for the entire event. We spent two long years developing our own products so that we could use them in a competition environment,  and to be able to say that we placed in the top ten in Brisket using Aussie Beef, rubbed with Mafia Steakout and Glazed with Mobster BBQ Sauce is an absolute Barbecue dream come true!

Thank you to all who assist us on a daily basis because without you, we wouldn't be producing the quality barbecue that we are today.

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