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Like it hot? Created by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, The Capo Hot Sauce brings another level of taste, flavour, and heat to your favourite dishes.

A vinegar-based hot sauce, The Capo challenges spice-lovers everywhere with its sweet and chilli infused taste. A simple sauce to pair with chicken wings and pork ribs, one bite of The Capo will make it your new kitchen favourite.

Check out some of the inspirations that influence the Barbecue Mafia collection of dry rubs and sauces and how we’re changing up the low ‘n slow American-style movement with our classic Aussie taste.

Homemade Australian Hot Sauces

Inspired by the grill masters overseas, the Barbecue Mafia team has become a household name here in Australia for our award-winning dishes. Now growing our collection of housemade dry rubs and hot sauces, we look for ways to bring the American low ‘n slow barbecue movement to Australia by infusing local favourite tastes. Here are some of our customer’s favourites:

  • Barbecue Sauce: fan of the traditional American barbecue sauce but looking for something closer to home? Our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce is infused with Australian style spices for a new take on this simple classic.
  • White Alabama Sauce: never heard of it? Most Aussies love a good mayo–and this rich White Alabama Sauce lends the best of mayo, spices, and vinegar to bring an extra special taste. Swap out your everyday mayo on chicken sandwiches and burgers to an added flavour boost.
  • Dry Chicken Rub: made for chicken, just as good with seafood, you can bring a bit of sweet and spicy to your Aussie Christmas seafood platter with this humble dry rub.

Make It a Marinade with Vinegar Hot Sauce

Born and bred close to home, the Barbecue Mafia team are reigniting the grilling movement both in Australia and overseas. Check out our growing range of rubs and sauces to try each of the flavours and cuisines we’re inspired by each day.

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