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Feeling bold? Our On the Lamb dry rub infuses bold citrusy and smoky flavours into classic Aussie lamb dishes. Taking the humble Sunday roast to new heights, this is one kitchen staple you’ll want to have ready at hand.

Created by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, our team is inspired by the American low ‘n slow grilling movement and we’re bringing it closer to home by infusing simple rubs and sauces with traditional Aussie tastes. Appreciating our nation’s love of the humble lamb, we created this sauce to bring a bold new profile to everyday dishes from roasts to burgers alike.

Read on to check out some of our favourite lamb dishes that pair perfectly with this citrus-infused rub.

Barbecue Mafia’s Lamb Rib Rub

All year round the humble lamb has a place on our grilling racks. From a weekly Sunday roast to a classic summer session, we’ve found a place for this bold dry rub on our kitchen shelves and barbeque racks alike.

  • Classic Lamb Roast: paired with a side of grilled greens and citrus-infused potatoes, our On the Lamb dry rub perfectly complements Sunday roast sides and the main course alike.
  • Lamb Burgers: grilling for a crowd? Add this dry rub into your meat mix for a bold new flavour that mixes up the humble burger.
  • Lamb Riblets: go for gold at your next family and friend gathering by slow roasting lamb riblets that have been marinated in our dry rub.

Ready-to-Go Dry Rub for Lamb

We appreciate wanting to serve up simple Aussie classics when getting the whole team together–and we’re making it easier than ever to do just that while still packing a powerful flavour punch. For more new favourites, check out our growing Barbecue Mafia range to outfit your pantry with go-to sauces and rubs no matter the occasion at hand.

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