BBQ Rubs

Don’t say we didn’t warn you–your kitchen will never be the same again. Dreamt up by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, our dedication to bringing the American-style low ‘n slow barbecue movement to Australian shores is well underway–and we reckon you’ll like it.

With simple smoking rubs that pair with pork, beef, lamb, and poultry alike, we’re making it easier than ever to upgrade your classic Aussie dishes with new flavour and style.

Check out some of our favourite meat and rub pairings below to see how easy it is to boost your flavour profile and say hello to everyday classics that pack a punch.

Barbeque Mafia’s BBQ Meat Rubs

Whether you’re firing up the grill or want to infuse new flavours into your weekly roast, our growing range of dry meat rubs can bring your favourite dishes to the next level. A simple way to prep and serve new flavours without adding too much mess, each rub has been inspired by our favourite cultures and cuisines and brought back home to be infused with a classic Aussie twist. Some of our favourite pairings include:

  • Pork Roast: say goodbye to boring Sunday roasts with The Squealer–a sweet and bitey way to upgrade this weekly classic without scrapping your roast tradition.
  • Lamb Burgers: want a simple way to upgrade your burgers? Add On the Lamb into your mince mix to bring a bold, citrus-infused smoky flavour to your burger platter.
  • The Steakout: if you like it dark, rich, and smoky, The Steakout infuses the colour and taste of a grill. Pair it with pan-fried steaks for an upgraded steak sandwich or prep our cuts of beef before tossing them on the grill.

Australia’s Favourite BBQ Rubs

The Barbecue Mafia team is making it easier than ever to wow a crowd at your next family dinner or team event. With a growing range of dry meat rubs that bring bold flavours to a humble meat dish, we know that each spice blend will become your next kitchen staple.