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Ready for some classic American-style chicken? From a quick grill session to a full charcoal rotisserie roast, The Snitch dry chicken rub brings new flavours to your classic poultry dishes. Packed with flavour and subtle touch of heat, this multi-purpose rub should be the next kitchen staple in your home.

Check out some of our favourite chicken dishes below to see how easy it is to prep your next meal with The Snitch dry blend. An everyday pantry staple, you’ll be glad you indulged.

Boost the Flavour with Chicken Rubs

Whether you’re planning a Sunday roast or firing up the grill for a classic Summer session, The Snitch dry rub adds the perfect blend of spices and heat to everyday chicken dishes. Also pairing well with pork and seafood, some of our favourite uses for the kitchen standby include:

  • Grilled Chicken: A quick way to change up a kitchen staple, The Snitch dry rub will bring a pep to your grilling experience without adding too much extra prep time.
  • Classic Roast: If you’re getting tired of a classic Sunday roast, bring a bit of extra taste and heat to your weekly classic. A great twist for the warmer months when cold chicken leftovers need a bit of extra zing.
  • Seafood Platter: interested in a new flavour? Bring a bit of heat to a classic seafood dish. Nothing says ole! Like a bit of cajun fun.

Barbecue Mafia’s Best Chicken Rub

Sometimes changing up chicken flavours is the easiest (and fastest) way to bring your everyday dishes to another level. From a classic Sunday roast to cold chicken sandwiches, sprinkle a bit of The Snitch dry chicken rub on before your next grilling session and taste the fun. You can thank us later!

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(5 outta 5 stars)

Whoo ha!

Pros : tastes freaking amazing on wings! Cons : when you skimp on the rub and it only tastes awesome not amazing.
5 November 2019

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