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Want to take your kitchen prowess to the next level? Designed for all things Pork, Barbecue Mafia brings The Squealer to their collection of meat rubs and sauces to help raise the bar for home chefs around the world! 

Whether you’re planning on an all-day slow roast session or want to fire up the smoker, The Squealer brings a sweet and tangy taste to every type of pork. By adding in a dry rub during preparation, you can change up a traditional dish and wow a crowd–boosting up the flavour without adding to your prep time.

Wondering how the Barbecue Mafia team uses The Squealer in an everyday setting? Check out some classic Squealer pork rub uses below.

Our Best Rubs for Pork Ribs

Changing up an everyday classic can be as simple as having the right rub and complementary sauce on hand. If you want one kitchen staple to add to the pantry that can be turned back to time and again–The Squealer is for you. Some of our favourite ways to bring this sweet and bitey rub into the mix include:

  • Classic Pork Roast: Feeling fancy? Fortunately, The Squealer gives you that extra fancy taste without all the prep work. Pep your roast with this simple-to-use dry rub and change up a Sunday roast classic from blah to flavour-full.
  • Pork Chops: Fire up the grill! The simple pork chop has never looked (or tasted) so good as when it's been prepped with The Squealer. Change up your classic grilling routine with a bit of dry rub and taste the new flavours come to life.
  • Crispy Pork Belly: Rub the underside of the belly before you cook to give you that perfect sweet flavour profile to balance out that delicious and rich crackling!

Aussie Style Pork Rib Rubs

An Aussie classic with a simple twist, the Barbecue Mafia team have done it again. Bringing The Squealer to our growing range of dry rubs and sauces, we’re taking the best of American style grilling and infusing it with that homegrown Aussie taste. Try The Squealer on your next pork dish and let us know how we helped shake up an everyday taste.

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