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Like it dark and rich? The Steakout Beef Rub is exactly what you need to get that smoky charcoal flavour and colour–even without a smoker on hand. Invented by the award-winning Barbecue Mafia team, this rub pairs well with poultry, pork, and beef so you can enjoy that fresh from the grill flavour any night of the week.

Australian made for our meat lovers close to home, this standby should grace the pantries of any wannabe grill master. Check out some of our favourite ways to pair The Steakout with everyday dishes below.

A Homemade Beef Spice Rub

The Barbecue Mafia team have curated a collection of sauces and rubs that can bring out new flavours in your favourite dish. Among our favourite uses for The Steakout there are:

  • Brisket: After that instagram worthy Bark for your Brisket? Look no further than Steakout! A heavy texas-style rub, this guy will give you the colour, texture and taste to take your Brisket game to the Big Leagues!
  • Poultry: love that grilled chicken taste? If you’re after a charcoal chicken flavour and feel, this dark rub pairs perfectly with lighter meats that need a smoky boost.
  • Burgers: say what? Work some of the rub into your meat patties to add a classic barbecue style smoky taste to your burgers.

Barbecue Mafia Dry Rub for Beef

Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen or a smoking connoisseur, our dry beef rubs can take the everyday dish to new heights. Paired perfectly with the Barbecue Mafia range of sauces, you can work our signature tastes into every bite of your next meal.

Check out our collection of hot sauces, dry rubs, and barbecue sauces to see what catches your eye before planning your next grill session–your family, friends, and barbecue guests can thank us later.

Word on the street

(5 outta 5 stars)

Butchers reccomendation

Went to the butchers the other day for some beef short rib, this rub was reccomended, got this bad boy all over it, sous vide for 24 hours, seared and served with a homemade balsamic glaze. Best damn ribs I have ever cooked, 10/10. Gave a black char appeal to it without even getting the smoker out.
24 May 2020

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